What Is Branding?

There must be a specific place that must come to your mind when you hear the word “pizza”, doesn’t it? Which soft-drink comes to your mind when I recite the tagline “taste the thunder” The answer to what branding is, lies in your answers to the questions above.


Branding is that process of marketing which pastes a picture of a specific product or company altogether in the minds of the audience just by a single hint of symbol or a cluster of words.



By definition, branding is a marketing technique in which a company or an enterprise creates a name, symbol, sign or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to that very company. It helps the audience to recognise the products and services offered by this company and to distinguish it for other similar companies. Branding not only creates an impression in the minds of the audience but also sets an expectation on how the audience can have access to your products and services again and again. Branding is a way of distinguishing your company from its competitors. It helps you send a word to your audience on how you are better than your competitors. A brand is made to be a representation of what you are and how you wish to be perceived in the market.

There are a number of mediums that can be used to build a brand. This list includes customer service, advertising, PR, promotional merchandise, and above all, a logo. All of these works together to create a unique professional profile for your business, which, in long term, makes you a brand. To Get Your Branding Done Right Visit The Link 

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Now, why exactly is branding important?


Asking why branding is important is like asking why Coca Cola is what you ask for instead of ‘soda’ in a supermarket.  


- Firstly, branding creates recognition for your company. The process of branding (or, the logo) serves as the face of your company. Branding makes your company known to your customers. This explains why ‘three-pointed stars and a circle around it’ very well paints a picture of a shiny Mercedes car in your mind. That’s the power of branding!


After all, what would be the use of having the best chocolates in town when no one really knows about it?


- Branding creates multiple businesses. Once your company gets established as a ‘trustworthy’ one in the minds of your customers, they’ll keep visiting you whenever they need something similar to what you have to offer. A brand translates straight into reliability.


- Once you gather some customers and provide them with memorable service, you are sure to get more business from them as they will not only themselves keep visiting you but also spread the good word about your company in their circles. Word of mouth is still an effective way of advertising.


Branding is a vast subject, but so far so good. You must have got a good idea of what branding is and how important it is for your business. If you still have some queries or wish to know more, feel free to connect with us at https://smithksolutions.com/contact-us/ .


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